Meridian Machining, Inc. can help with all your manufacturing needs. From design to grind, we will turn your prototype parts, gages, or production runs into reality.

Our milling department includes three different sized Hurco vertical machining centers along with a variety of bed and knee mills. Our VMCs allow us to hold tight tolerances without the added expense of grinding. Our turning department includes two CNC lathes and a number of manual lathes. Our CAM engineers and experienced operators can take your complicated 3D drawing and turn it into a CNC program with just a few clicks, saving valuable time and money. Our expertise allows us to run parts quickly, efficiently, and with superb quality.


Production Machining

Does your internal shop shy away from Tool Steels or are you just too busy to run the ABS parts that show up on your schedule every week? Whether it's 30 or 3,000 parts, we can help lighten your work load or rid you of that "other" machine shop who forgot who the customer is.


Prototype Machining

Meridian also offers short run prototype machining. If you aren't completely sure you want to commit to that new design or cannot justify tooling until you have a prototype, we can help. Please contact us to discuss your specific need.

Machining and Design Capabilities

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-X axis = 26”
-Y axis = 16”
-Z axis = 20”

-X axis = 40”
-Y axis = 20”
-Z axis = 20”

-X axis = 50”
-Y axis = 20”
-Z axis = 20”

Prototrak CNC Lathe 1630SX

Samsung CNC SL20

Mitsubishi Wire Machine FA20S

EdgeCam 2018
AutoCad Inventor 2011
Unigraphics/NX 2018